The Bridgeburners were a third-tier Seattle gand with a hot ticket to the morgue. They had more scags waiting to take a bite out of them than Judas Iscariot. They didn’t have enough nuyen to scrape together to buy off the Value Menu at Stuffer Shack. It looked like they were on the express train to Hell.

Until Tempo came along.

As the exclusive and secret dealers of the hottest new drug to hit the scene in years, the Bridgeburners lived up to their name, blowing a hole in the Emerald City’s ganngland big enough for the Zurich Orbital Horizon to crash through without scratching the finish.

I, your humble investigative jounalist and narrator, Sapient Homo, have all the dirt. I have interviewed the miserable survivors of these events, poured over hours of scandalous and bloody security footage, and visited the locations where these events took place.

My friends, you may think you know the story of the Bridgeburners. But the truth? You don’t know the half of it.

Shadowrun: Gang of Four

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