A young BTL chip-slinger with a lust for the ladies, but obvious drawbacks when hitting the bars.


Dogboy started off as a runner, and got promoted to dealer when his boss, Reggie, got whacked by some Hellhounds. Dogboy managed to find the Hellhound who did it, execute him, sever his genitals, and return to Bridgeburner HQ with them. Sensei Solo was so impressed he put the kid in charge of the BTL chip operation on the edge of the Redmond barrens, so close to Bellevue he could shoot his name into the ferroconcrete barrier seperating Redmond from the worker-bee normals beyond.

Dogboy likes the new management of the Bridgeburners. They get him pussy straight-up, no fuss, no muss.

“W.M.D! W.M.D.! Dogboy gots the shit that will freak your head!”


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