A dwarf mage with the hots for El Oso.


Sally grew up on the streets, and she grew up fast. She hadn’t eaten in four days, and the elf working in the kitchen of the noodle bar said he’d give her a bag of yesterday’s noodles if she met him out back. She showed up, and he gave her the bag of noodles. Half-way through her first bite, he slapped her so hard she bit her tongue. He used her like a wet-wipe in that back alley, and not a goddamn passerby even bothered to call the police, not even when he popped her right eye out with a chopstick and squeezed the jelly out of it.

Until Xander McNair showed up. That elf was a skidmark by the time Xander was finished with him.

She loved Xander. He made her the mage she is today. But now Xander’s dead too. Killed by El Oso.

Oh El Oso. She feels safe when she’s with him. El Oso is strong as cut granite, and one hell of a shaman. They’d make a great team.

Too bad he’s with Sam… She’ll have to have a talk with her.


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